How this initiative began

Back in March 2018, E.ON SE celebrated in Essen the 2nd edition of the E.ON Innovation Days, with strong focus on Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Peter Grindrod (CBE) was invited to speak about Customer-Centric Data Science. He and myself (Dr. Juan Bernabé Moreno) started a conversation about how far a Data Scientist was supposed to go to satisfy a business inquiry, and quickly we both came to the conclusion, that the answer was no where. Moreover, we also agreed that Data Scientists working in Academia and Data Scientists working for big corporations are likely to face different ethical challenges.

It was the moment where we decided to embark in this adventure of defining a Code of Conduct for Professional Data Scientists, to provide the ethical guidance required in all potential situations in both Academia and Industry. With this code, we’d like to “fill the gap“ between GDPR and all existing attempts to define a Code of Ethics for AI.

Prof. Grindrod represents the voice of Academic Data Science, with more than 30 years of teaching and research experience
Dr. Bernabé-Moreno has been leading teams of data scientist in different roles across industries since 2004 and represents the voice of Industrial Data Science.

Juan Bernabé Moreno

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