Is it yet another AI code of ethics? Why is it different?

There have  been several attempts to establish a code of ethics for Artificial Intelligence. Especially remarkable is the work that Professor Mike Wooldridge, Professor Peter Millican, and Dr. Paula Boddington, all from the University of Oxford, have been doing (available under this link and partially funded by the Future of Life Institute). Dr. Boddington authored the book Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence (Springer International Publishing, 2017).

The popular Data Scientist DJ Patil initiated a community driven campaign to engage with many data scientists around the world and compose a code of ethics.

Our approach shall be seen as complementary to all of these initiatives, as:

  • We rather focused on the ethical and responsible behavior of professional data scientists (working in all kinds of companies)
  • We make it very explicit -actually providing a code- but also open up for debate, as anybody can contribute, vote, rebate, amend, etc
  • Apart from the online community platform (this site), we are running different expert round-tables to shape the code of conduct with data science leaders from top industry companies from different locations

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